you want to see me burn, i am living fire; you want to see me burn but i am living fire.

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birth & early life "What will you name him?"

Born on a sweltering day in late July, fifteen year old Florina Abaroa spoke to the tending nurse with a flushed face and sweat at her brow – “Julio…” the name literally meaning the month of her new son's birth. Meanwhile, the baby's father, Octavio Ochoa, was in a clumsy rush through the hospital halls to find the correct room his on-again-off-again girlfriend was in. By the time he'd gotten the call that she was in the hospital, labor had come swiftly and left just as quick.

The teenage parents had parents of their own, both sets disapproving, and were eventually cast off on their own upon news of Julio's coming, the official living arrangements confirmed with the boy's birth. Living in a small, grungy apartment on the edge of New York City, Florina took in odd-jobs - though a high school drop-out could only earn meager wages, and so, Octavio brought it upon himself to stabilize the family's financial legs by bringing in money as a drug dealer. Nearly two years of knocking at their door and faces, both new and old, coming with wads of bills and leaving with filled bags, and Octavio had had enough of the seedy business, wanting out. With the promise of an improved life and utmost protection, he became an informant for the NYPD. A month and a half into the investigation of the drug ring, and Julio's father was murdered at the hands of alleged (and thereafter, convicted) 'lieutenant' in the ring for cooperating with police, or "snitching".

Florina, still independent and no longer speaking to her parents, did her best at eighteen to provide for Julio, though she fought with both a moderate drug addiction and the grief of losing her partner, on top of caring for a toddler. Two weeks after her son's third birthday, a next door neighbor alerted police that relentless crying could be heard through the hall for a majority of the afternoon, and upon checking the apartment, Florina was found passed out in the kitchen with Julio wandering inconsolably. The girl could no longer financially, nor emotionally, care for her child and so, he was taken by the state.

childhood & school age Finding placement for a child, at three years of age, wasn't a difficult thing in comparison to other situations present in the foster care system. In fact, he was speedily set with a family set to transitionally adopt, only a month after being put in temporary/protective custody. However, it was steadily clear that Julio's disposition was at a decline in his early developmental years. Nothing elementary disturbances in his behavior, the small family that took him in struggled in grasping how to help him emotionally and he was released from care before his adoption was finalized, aged five. Being put into temporary custody once again, he found himself in another foster home, but disciplinary troubles and behavioral outbursts left him out of care - and the reasons were numerous: "too much stress on the other children", "fits", "total lack of respect for authority", and so on. Foster couples, families, group homes... This was the pattern, from early school age until age eleven when an angel of a woman, missing only wings, took him into her home in Albany, New York.

Rosemary Whitmore radiated warmth and had a soft, patient aura. Of course, it took time to undo the hurt and distress that plagued the troublesome boy who spat at authority... but, behind the shield of closed doors, he would simply sulk and stare, completely closed off. She pulled the decade's worth of stinging and nurtured him like no other person had before. Rosemary taught him thoughtfulness and respect through lessons and stories, giving him time and understanding all the while. At age twelve, he was officially adopted by the woman, and though he still called her 'Rose', he thought of her as everything a mother possibly could be. It was shortly after his adoption that she gave him the option to change his name, in any combination that he wanted. He decided on the name Tristan, and took her surname. Tristan Whitmore.

Baptized by the change of his name, he delved into the freedom of a new life. The years passed by, and into high school, he continued his journey of learning what it was to be content. Despite his academic marks being lackluster, his attitude towards teachers and authority in general calmed (though he still balked under his breath), and he became more apt to participate. Average grades but a brilliant, sharpened mind didn't equivilate with Rosemary, but she encouraged gently for him to continue - for it was better than his previously failing grades. Though he didn't have many friends and was mostly a loner, he had friends who were, by the popular kids, considered lowest on the totem pole: the types to occasionally get caught smoking in the bathroom with. It was at the end of tenth grade that Tristan realized that he wanted to do something with his life, but was it too late to salvage his grade point average? From then on, he worked, point for point, at improving... Graduating with the class of 2003, 'Rose' couldn'tve been prouder, and Tristan, was actually proud of himself, too.

adulthood & current It was the summer after high school ending that Rosemary came to Tristan, revealing the details of his early life. Unknowing of almost every bit of the story, it shot through his spirit and, for a few days, he wallowed in sadness. However, an epiphany hit him like a sunburst, and he realized it was in the despair of the first few years of his life that he'd find liberation. His father had wanted to turn his own life around, wanted to provide for his family, make a new start... Tristan would first, take on his mother and father's surname - but not without Rosemary's blessing, for he would be replacing her last name with their's - to which she, of course, understood. The second step to his life's call: Become a policemen. That was what Octavio trusted in most, even if it did cost him his time on earth. However, it was evident that despite all the trying Tristan did to revitalize his GPA did nothing in the end, at least to when it came to any real schooling.

It was just by a wild thought that Tristan inquired at Bernardo Goldstein & Quinn, to try to become a bail enforcement agent. Though the nineteen year old was fit and had good stature, he was initially turned down because he didn't seem to have the physical presence that was required for apprending fugitives. While working random jobs, he dedicated most of 2004's free time to working on moderate body-building and physical fitness - every second he got was spent in the gym. It was at the age of twenty, whilst steadily working at benching four hundred pounds, that he re-inquired about the job. Tristan was hired on the spot.

Donning a bulletproof vest was something that felt in tune with his nature. He lived for the rush, the danger, the physical exertion. Working steadily through the mid 2000's faithfully with the bond agency, he secured himself a healthy living on his comissions, but a rival establishment had been calling his name for the better half of 2010 - and he took in new blood, moving to Boston, Massachusetts in November.

comic tie-ins *
1. lobo is a bounty hunter tristan is a bail enforcement agent 2. lobo is an alien / last of his kind tristan was orphaned & in the foster care system until adulthood 3. lobo is arrogant, self-centered and narcissistic tristan is typically confident (and sometimes overconfident) in himself 4. lobo posesses exceptional strength and fortitude tristan bench presses 445 pounds and squats roughly 600 pounds 5. lobo drives a motorcycle tristan's prize posession is a 1977 ironhead chopper 6. lobo has a strict personal code of honor tristan lives up to his promises and is a man of moral ethics 7. lobo has a bulldog named 'dawg' tristan has a bulldog named 'duke', but often calls him simply 'dog' 8. lobo has long black hair and a goatee tristan started growing his hair in adulthood and always wears a goatee 9. lobo is constantly portrayed smoking cigars tristan is an avid cigar smoker despite his peak health 10. lobo is surprisingly fond of space dolphins & feeds them tristan has been known to feed/tend to stray cats in his neighborhood
powers / abilities extraordinary strength & durability accelerated healing / functionally immortal expertise in armed & unarmed combat exceptional sensory abilities genius-level intellect in matters of executing violence & destruction

octavio ochoa morelos - biological father (1968-1988)
florina abaroa azucena - biological mother (b. 1970)
rosemary whitmore - foster and adoptive mother (b. 1948)
no known siblings.

duke - english bulldog
cortez- blood python

facts coming soon!

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